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What We Do

With our in-house engineers and experts, we offer a full set of services from the initial design to the final installation of Light Steel Framing systems. We strongly believe that our knowledge is on par with our national and international competitors, however our prices are significantly lower. 

Our services include:


We aim to offer an optimised model for manufacturing and execution processes of LSF technology, utilising recognised and up-to-date softwares. Our experienced designers advise clients with the best possible solutions that fit the brief requirements, in order maximise productivity and add value to the project.


The construction industry is increasingly moving towards prefabrication for many reasons such as optimisation, speed of construction and environmental benefits. A major part of what we do including the manufacturing of LSF parts happens off-site in a factory controlled environment, minimising installation time on-site with fewer workers.


Light Steel Framing is the miracle of engineering. The superiority of LSF and its preference over conventional structures, make it the preferred choice for many projects. Our in-house engineers have worked to push boundaries and innovate new solutions within the industry over the years and have achieved many firsts.


The global Light Steel Framing market size was valued at $23,890 million in 2021. With Iran having mass sources of steel mines along with a great number of steel production and forming companies, steel has become one of the most accessible material to use for construction purposes. At Tiva, we work closely with many of the well-experienced cold-roll forming companies to ensure the best service is in-hand when needed.


As much of the construction process happens off-site, our on-site construction time is significantly reduced. It consists of our execution team to panellise the pre-fabricated galvanised steel profiles using self-drilling screws, to then installing the panels into place. 


Since the establishment of Tiva, we have been heavily involved in educating and training keen individuals in the light steel framing field. We have developed a series of beginner technical notes for students and young engineers that provide fundamental information relating cold-formed steel design. The series was authored by our cold-formed steel framing experts and covers topics relating steel production, framing fabrication and design principles.


We utilise BIM at the clients’ request to provide a powerful and flexible multi-layer design, framed wall, floors, and roofs, including prefabricated panels, rafters, and trusses. The accuracy of design in BIM, mean a smooth construction process with minimal risk.

What Can We Do For Your Project

With almost three decades of experience and the know-how of the Light Steel Framing industry, we customise every structural design to complement the architecture and work to innovate solutions that best fulfil the brief. The design is based on a single building component an optimised section C-shaped profile - the connections of which have been specifically studied and modelled, so that the entire process, from design to production and assembly, is extremely precise and guarantees the best performance.


Tiva offers a complete building system, integrated with the best dry construction components. Where necessary, especially for larger, multi-storey projects, we offer solutions where cold-formed steel elements and heavy structural steelwork or concrete structures can coexist and be optimised in a single structure. This is done thanks to the experience in all types and kinds of worksites that makes it possible to meet the design needs of all types of buildings.


Our systems and structural elements are prefabricated off-site, which are mounted very fast and easily by the workers at the worksite.


Contact us for advice on the solutions we can offer your specific projects and an initial quotation to get you started.

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