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Industrial Precision Down To The Millimetre

At Tiva, we are responsible for more than the actual production of the steel profiles and frames. From day one, our designers and engineers will be busy translating the architect’s plans into a tailor-made design ready to be sent to our machines, to then be installed on site in the shortest time.

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Our in-house designers and structural engineers utilise up-to-date softwares and BIM to design the most appropriate and efficient design for your project that are compliant with building regulations. The earlier you engage with our structural design team when you have a project in mind, the greater the opportunity to enhance a rapid return on your investment.


An optimised design is cost effective, as it considers many ways in which money can be saved as well as the structural integrity. Through our expertise and experience, we have achieved many firsts in the industry in Iran which have greatly benefited our clients both financially and in terms of speed of build. You can also be certain that early certification for statutory approvals is achieved as part of our process.



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Upon design approval, design specifications and cut lists are transferred directly to cold-roll forming mills, ensuring absolute accuracy from design to manufacturing of every component section and profile. The LSF components are then moved to site, in an assembly area where they are finished into panels for final installation.

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The cold-rolled structural components that were manufactured off-site, are transferred onto an assembly area on-site, where they are assembled into storey-height panels. These panels are uniquely coded to be slotted into the correct place at final installation.



Our expert site contractor manages the rapid installation process of the panels. Workers require no special skills for installation, therefore it can be executed in projects where access to more skilled workers is not possible. At the installation stage, the construction process speeds up greatly as it allows follow-on trades to commence earlier and work in parallel to significantly reduce on-site build time. The external wall panels can be adapted to accommodate a variety of external finishes, from traditional brick to more contemporary finishes. 

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